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About Us

Stephanie Jimenez headshot

Stephanie Jimenez

Managing Partner

Micaela Thibodeaux Headshot

Micaela Thibodeaux

General Partner

Stephanie's journey as an advocate began over two decades ago when she passionately embarked on a mission to secure proper placement and unwavering support for her own children. Over the past six years, her dedication has extended further as she selflessly served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for local foster youth.

Combining her invaluable experience as a public school teacher with her formal legal education, Stephanie possesses a unique expertise in understanding the intricate needs and essential requirements for providing exceptional special education services.

Through her tireless efforts with foster youth, Stephanie has witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of having a strong advocate in a child's corner. This profound experience has fueled her unwavering commitment to ensuring that every child is equipped with the support they need to flourish and blossom into their best selves.

Stephanie's unwavering passion and dedication have become the driving forces behind her advocacy work, guiding her towards a vision of a brighter future where every child is empowered to reach their fullest potential.

Micaela is a dedicated educational advocate with a profound passion for fostering inclusive learning environments. With a background in both education and psychology, she possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in understanding the unique needs of students. As a devoted parent to a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Micaela's personal journey has driven her to become a relentless champion for children with diverse abilities. Firmly believing that every child deserves an appropriate education, she is committed to breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all learners to thrive.

 By sharing her experiences and expertise, she aims to foster greater understanding and acceptance, promoting a more inclusive and compassionate learning environment for all.

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