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Getting Started

Getting started with your students SpEd journey can be overwhelming, frustrating and complicated, we are here to help get you started.​​

  • 1:1 Consultation

  • Request for Evaluation

  • Review Student Records

  • Meeting Prep

Get Started

Continuous Support

During your students educational journey, we are here to support with routine check-ins, updates or modifications to help you fine tune your experience.​

  • Documentation Review

  • Services Review

  • Recommendations

  • Meeting Prep/Post Meeting Review

Get Started


When you need more of an advocate presence, we are here for you every step of the way. From tailored reviews to in-person representation, we have you covered.

  • Document Review

  • Maintain Comprehensive Student File

  • Meeting Prep

  • Advocate Meeting Attendance

  • Meeting Documentation

  • Letter and Email Drafting

  • Complaint Assistance

Get Started


Initial Evaluation

Documentation Review

Classroom Observation

Meeting Preparation

Letter Writing

Complaint Assistance

Meeting Attendance


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